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Yoga Wheel Workshop

Join Lisa for a playful workshop using yoga wheels to explore and stretch your body while discovering new balance both on and off the mat.

What is a Yoga Wheel, you ask? It’s a sturdy ring of PVC plastic coated with a sticky yoga mat strip. It’s part yoga prop, part balance toy. Yoga Wheels are great for opening your chest, shoulders, and hips; fun for challenging your balance; and perfect for shaking you out of a yoga rut of familiar poses and movements.

We’ll learn to use the yoga wheels as props to both simplify and complicate common yoga poses, rolling through several small vinyasa flows, ending with a fun, playful session exploring all manner of balancing on and with the yoga wheel.

Yoga wheels will be provided (they will be sanitized before and after the workshop). Workshop attendees must bring their own mats and yoga blocks (two blocks are preferred).

All levels are welcome, but the using the Yoga Wheel requires a certain amount of yoga familiarity that might overwhelm a complete beginner. Balancing on the Yoga Wheel can be stressful on wrists and ankles, please exercise care if you have an issue with either of these areas.